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Overcoming Tough Terrains for Maximum Site Viability


Fully Interchangeable Foundations for Optimal Solutions

No matter what the ground conditions and constraints on your site, Solarport offers cost-effective and easily assembled solar ground mounts, with foundations that are a perfect fit for every location.


Our foundation options work with hard, soft and rocky ground, as well as sites where you cannot drive deep piles. We have foundations for places where you cannot use heavy machinery and for locations where you cannot break the ground.


For locations with varied ground conditions, our foundations are fully interchangeable so you can use the optimal solution in each part of your site.


Types of foundation

Whatever the terrain or ground conditions, our range of foundation options have been designed to work on even the most challenging of sites.

Our aim is to make sure that, when using a Solarport system, there is no site that's off-limits. We will work with you to ensure the correct foundations are paired to your system and site location, maximising site viability and yield.


The most commonly used foundation, the driven pile, can be used for most projects. The pile profile and length will be specifically designed to increase efficiency and strength for the foundation.

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With the use of only hand tools, our patented 'X-Anchor' allows for solar installation on reclaimed ground such as former landfill, or any site that needs shallow embedment and/or no heavy machinery.

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No breaking ground with our ballast system; allowing for a vast amount of applications. Options include the use of high density concrete blocks, railway sleepers and pre-cast concrete mono-block.

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Ground Screws

This foundation provides a fast and efficient installation method for ground with a high clay content. Its durability and adaptability make it an ideal solution for a broad range of small to medium-sized projects.

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