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Pioneering Utility-Scale Solar Ground Mount Solutions

Why Choose Solarport for Utility Scale Projects?

We are the UK's leading supplier for utility scale solar ground mount systems, supporting more multi-megawatt projects than any other British manufacturer. Our team brings outstanding expertise in engineering, design and solar construction.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK, and we hold substantial stocks of both raw materials and finished components. This means we can not only provide rapid turnaround, but also avoid the delays, costs and emissions involved with long-distance transport.

We have the expertise and innovative solutions to navigate even the most challenging of site conditions. Our bespoke, utility-scale systems have warranties of up to 40 years. We promise to never compromise on quality and to always be competitive on price.

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Portrait and landscape module mounting

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Large array sizes

Range of angles

Foundation options

for any terrain

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Ground-mounted Systems for Utility-Scale Solar Projects

At Solarport we work with EPCs, designing and manufacturing custom solar ground mount systems that meet the specific needs of utility-scale projects,
supporting gigawatts of generating capacity.

From innovative, time-saving products to flexibly programmed deliveries, we have an outstanding
record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of project teams on even the largest and most demanding projects

Designed for easy installation

Intelligently designed for ease of installation, to maximise efficiency and to utilise any of our foundation options, our utility-scale systems are packed with features that have rapidly made them a favourite for solar PV installers and developers.


Reducing Project Costs

We use the results of geotechnical, topographical and other surveys to create a system that is unique to your site, guaranteeing performance and longevity while engineering out unnecessary costs.

Our product innovations reduce labour costs by making fitting easier and faster, enabling your team to install more panels in less time.

Reducing Project Risk

Our products are designed to make fitting simple and safe. From panel clamps which are fully accessible from below, to fixings that are all a standard size, we help you enforce good practices and avoid mistakes.

We are experts in utility-scale projects and have the manufacturing capability, supply chain relationships and logistics to ensure all your deliveries arrive exactly when your project programming requires them.

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Partnering for the entire project

We are trusted by EPCs to provide excellent advice and support throughout the planning, installation and operation of your solar projects.

From technical surveys and bespoke design, through to installation training and on-site support, our knowledge and problem solving abilities are unparalleled within the industry.

Every System is
Unique to Your Site

To ensure your site stands the test of time, after thorough geotechnical, topographical, atmospheric and anchorage tests, we will design the most suitable system to match the results.


Whether it's pile length, material gauge, or a mixture of foundation options and materials - there is a solution to match your site. 

Have a project that you'd like to discuss?

Contact our expert team today.

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