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The Ideal Choice for Non-Invasive Installations

What is a ballasted foundation?

Having a solution that requires no breaking ground is essential. Whether there's an area of archeological interest, underground services, impenetrable ground makeup, land with very low cohesive resistivity or high corrosivity - the Solarport ballast system is always available to provide the solution.


By applying specified weight to the steel plate, the ground-ground mounted solar array will achieve and surpass sufficient results in high winds, without penetrating the ground.

Using readily available materials including the use of high-density concrete blocks, reclaimed concrete railway sleepers and pre-cast concrete mono-block, the ballast system is easy to install and extremely diverse in its applications.

Ballasted Foundation Icon.png


Ballasted Foundation.png



Applicable with:

Twin post system

Suitable for: 

Sites where breaking ground is not permitted (archaeological or geotechincal)


Steel plates weighted with high density concrete blocks. Total weight of blocks to be determined by geotechnical and wind load testing.


S450 grade steel.

Coatings: ZM310, ZM430, ZM620, ZM800. Corrosion protection to be determined from site location and ground investigations


Plate size: 960mm x 900mm

Design codes: 

Designed in accordance with

BS EN 1991-1-4:2005 +A1:2010. BS EN 1090 &

BS EN 1991 Parts 1, 3 & 7 (Eurocodes)

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