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A dedicated team.
Designing the future.

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Site investigation
& analysis

Our detailed design process begins with an in-depth technical analysis of geotechnical, topographical and foundation investigation results.


In evaluating this critical, site-specific field data, we determine the foundation, structural design and corrosion protection that the site requires. This ensures that every customer receives a robust, long-lasting and guaranteed mounting system.


This level of care and attention at the early stages of a mounting system design allows Solarport to save our customers money over the lifetime of their site

Site Designs

System designs

Utilising cutting-edge technology, our engineers meticulously model every system to achieve unparalleled efficiency, perfectly calibrated to the site-specific project requirements and environmental conditions.


Designed with practicality in mind, our systems prioritise ease of installation. They feature exceptional adjustability, one fixing size throughout and include innovative solutions that substantially mitigate the need for working at height. As an ISO 9001-accredited organisation and members of the British Standards Institute, we stand by the integrity of our work. To further bolster confidence in our systems, we offer warranties that can extend up to 40 years.


Manufacture & delivery

Managed by our team of in-house experts, our state-of-the-art, UK-based manufacturing plants boast an annual framework production capacity in excess of 2GW for solar PV.


This significant capacity, supported by our vast stock of various structural steel, enables us to meet the demands of even the largest utility-scale sites without compromising on quality or efficiency - ensuring stringent control from inception to completion.


Our depots are strategically positioned to facilitate seamless, reliable distribution and we are committed to transparency; guaranteeing reliable deliveries with no hidden charges or delays

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Site Support

Site support

Solarport is founded on a wealth of experience installing and managing solar farms.


When it comes to installation and product support, our knowledge and problem solving abilities are unmatched within the industry.


We meticulously plan and design our systems to suit each project, but with large-scale installation, some advice may be required during a build. That's why, when it is needed, we are always available to help.


Our straightforward installation guides are supplied with every system, but if further assistance is required, our site team can call or visit site to ensure that a solution is always available

Final sign off

Final sign off

We know that each site is unique, with it's own set of complexities and we also understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to large-scale installation.


Because of this, we offer an official sign off service if required.


Our specialist team, that are trained to know every aspect of each of our systems, can be deployed to site upon request, to inspect and validate installations.


This sign off process isn't mandatory, but helps to provide extra security for the system warranty

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