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Solarport partners with Aniron Renewables to supply Utility Scale Ground Mount Systems

At a Glance…

· 20,000m2 Solar Farm

· 1.8MW Capacity

· 3,816 Modules

· 2 in Portrait Piled Twin Post System

Project Overview

Since 2021, a Daventry facility has implemented a generator set recovery system to feed test voltages and frequencies back into the grid. To further advance their solar efforts, Aniron Renewables were commissioned and partnered with Solarport to provide a 2-in Portrait Piled Twin Post System, bespoke to the topography of the site.


Solarport ensured a combination between renewable energy generation and the environment, by employing a range of table sizes, meticulously engineered to suit the topography and work seamlessly with the landscape. The bespoke approach not only optimised the use of the available space but also respected the uneven ground that the site presented.

By carefully considering the dimensions and layout of the tables, Solarport were able to minimise visual intrusion while maximising energy production by engineering a bespoke system.

Benefits of the Utility Scale Ground Mount System…

  • Designed for ease of installation.

  • No working at height or over-clamping.

  • One fixing size.

  • Bespoke design to suit panel size.

  • Engineered to site requirements.

  • Seamlessly integrates with any foundation option

Click here for more information about our Utility-Scale Ground Mount System or enquire with us today about your next project.


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