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Solarport Makes Steps Towards Net Zero

At Solarport, we believe in the power of collective action to help combat climate change. The business currently operates from two sites - Design, Development and Sales located in our Bridport HQ, and the manufacturing factory at the Yeovil site.

The Yeovil manufacturing site has been operational for over a year, to meet the business strategy to move from a 100% sub-contract manufacturing business model to manufacturing on-site.

Our Mission towards Net Zero

Solarport operates within the utility-scale, commercial, and domestic solar energy generation industry. Therefore, it is imperative for us to showcase our dedication to the Net Zero concept in our operations to our customers.

Our journey has started and we are taking proactive steps to reduce our energy consumption including:

  • Installation of Solar PV panels at our Bridport site

  • Implementation of LED lighting across both sites

  • Deployment of a heat pump system at our Bridport site

  • Recycling and utilisation of rainwater

  • Segregation of waste to maximise recyclable materials


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